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Hola Gatos- I am Genine, this is my awesome family. I spent equal parts of my life growing up in Texas and Montana. I have been back in Austin for the last fifteen years. My passion for photography springs from my connection to my girls. I am constantly humbled by the unconditional love they bestow upon me. It took a lifetime+four years of motherhood to realize the importance of being myself- even when it hurts.

My big message to you is that your life is beautiful without you lifting a finger. My gift is being able to put you at ease so that you can be yourself on camera. Being ‘photogenic’ is a state of mind- available to those who feel comfortable enough to be and accept themselves where they happen to be in life.


What I am all about

My focus is on women, children, body image, and motherhood. In an increasingly remote culture, many women suffer from a lack of community and support. Too often we find ourselves trying to fit an impossible mold- afraid to appear weak- or reveal anything that resembles a less than editorial life. Social media is the best and worst of us. We can stay connected with people we would not otherwise have time to keep up with while curating our own lives for others to see. This selective disclosure often undermines the feeling of inclusion that we all wish to feel. As a photographer I find myself torn between two ideals- what we are and what we wish others to see.

Being honest on camera in a traditional portrait scenario isn’t entirely realistic. We often hear the phrase, care of Oscar Wilde, "Life imitates Art far more than Art imitates Life". There is nothing wrong with creating a beautiful photograph- pleasing the senses, and enjoying an interpretation best -or better of who we are. This is a celebration and a gift to the future. We can always look back on a photograph to catch a glimpse of the time that has passed. We mothers can make the mistake of putting off these little celebrations when we lack confidence in our appearance. Whether you are at home with the children, or out in the world working, time to yourself is a luxury that many of us don’t make the priority to afford. We work to give our children everything that we need- in reality they just need us. A photograph of their mother, with their mother becomes precious with time. When we hide from the camera, or put off those family photos because we want to lose ten pounds, or wait until everything will look “just right” - we do ourselves a severe injustice.

It is my mission to bring acceptance to the present moment, both for myself, and my clients; to reveal life as art- to create and preserve memories. We all have the capacity to shine. My hope for everyone is that we may face the fear of being and connect to the truth inside of ourselves so that we may share it with the world. Photography, as with so many things gives us a chance to find that essence and capture it unfolding.


Genine did an amazing job putting my whole family at ease and capturing tons of amazing photos. Both her pre-shoot styling tips and her on-site direction helped us be prepared and look our best. She did a particularly great job capturing our kids' personalities, which isn't exactly an easy feat with an infant and a 6-year old who hates taking pictures! I know we'll treasure these photos forever

/  Melissa G.  /



For so long now I have fought against being perceived as a homemaker who picked up a camera- but- ta da! That is exactly what I am. Prior to having my first daughter in 2014, I found my way into client services, management, and finished with a little marketing. When I was a child -all I wanted to be was a famous singer- and I am not going to lie- that’s still going on. As someone who is insatiably creative and technically minded, photography is a perfect fit. I married into a family of photographers and under their tutelage I soaked up everything I could get my hands on. Somewhere between a stubborn curiosity, an unbreakable work ethic (thanks Dad), and a passion for my children- I took the up the mantle of photography as a career and haven’t looked back.

I have struggled with my body image since the age of five. Sadly, so many women that I meet can say the same. Having two little women of my own has cemented my resolve to bring compassion to the world of women and motherhood. My goal is to inspire us all to love and accept ourselves- to honor our health and minds- and to find the community we so need and deserve. It takes courage to step into the lens, to submit yourself to vulnerability and allow a photographer to see you, observe , seize you in a moment. Never forget, you are worth being seen ♡

-Best wishes-