Individual Portraits

portraits starting at $250

Adult sessions vary in length, Child sessions are short and sweet (just like them) at 45 minutes max. Whether we capture them playing at home in candid delight- or we dress up and go out on the town. These sessions are the perfect way to document them as they grow.



Rates starting at $350

Nothing is more precious than the uniqueness of our family. Investing in photography gives a gift that is cherished for life. All sessions are on location. Many families enjoy gorgeous outdoor scenery. I also love sharing a cozy Sunday afternoon and a lovely meal at home. Whatever you decide, taking the time to celebrate your corner of the world, is always a welcome endeavor.

Branding & Storytelling

Rates starting at $250

My favorite part of being behind the camera is working to tell a story. There is a little of this in everything that I do. My personal passions include women, food, health, motherhood, childhood, and music. These are things I can connect easily on and convey well. If you have a blog, business, or a project and you are looking for a photographer to help you tell that story, I would love to work with you. When it comes to conveying a message- or meaning, photography is a powerful tool. Having strong photography conveys professionalism as well as cohesion. Not sure if your project is right for me? Shoot me an email and let’s talk it out.



Weddings starting at $500

I am always honored to capture the intimacy and excitement of a wedding day. I offer day of photography at an hourly rate. This allows for flexibility and scaling, no matter the shape and size of the event. Candid, real moments on that special day to be cherished a lifetime.


Genine photographed individuals, couples and groups at a large party. She captured the personalities of every person so well and delivered a polished, high quality image that translates well to all platforms, including framed canvas prints!
She's on time, scouts out her location first and knows how to pose people. And, remember, when she delivers the images, they are already polished -ready to launch into any other form!
Total satisfaction and a lot of fun!


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